Christa Schoeman

"A highly skilled individual with 28 years experience as a make up artist and over 16 years as a Head of department.

Christa has specialist knowledge in creating period looks following her work on ' The Bible', 'History of the World' and ' Gettyburgh'.She's also done a considerable amount of contemporary work including tittle's like' The Looming Tower" and "Mazerunner Death Cure". 

Using a variety of HD compatible techniques including air brushing, Christa can create seamless styles for featured and background artists alike.

In addition to exceptional make up design, Christa also has extensive knowledge in hair styling, with mastery of wigs, beards and other facial hair pieces.

Having worked on a number of challenging productions, Christa also has great competency in special effects and is able to use prosthetics  and design and create, wounds, scars and appendages.

Christa is experienced in managing teams of up to 15 artists and additional dailies on international feature film and television sets.

She has also practiced her craft in countries such as Morocco, England, Italy and Russia & Cambodia, amongst others.


Emmy Nomination 


Roots - Night 1